Product and commodity handling is one service that shows we are willing to go the extra mile for our customers. Most companies unless otherwise do not want to deal with the strenuous process of transporting these products from the suppliers. It is common that some suppliers would not want to get involved into the delivery of goods especially when it is outside borders. This is where we come in. We have established relationships with fleet companies that will deliver your goods anywhere in Africa. Yes anywhere. Using insured and reliable freight companies to deliver our clients products gives us peace of mind in the event of any damage or theft that may be inevitable. This means we get the big jobs done and the small jobs done even faster and efficiently.


  • PACH gives our clients more time to focus on what really matters, which is running their business. Outsourcing the process of hiring a warehouse, transportation, customs and clearance can increase your company’s turnaround time and efficiency by up to 40%
  • The risk of your commodities/goods is covered by the freight company, hence what would be your high monthly insurance cost of transporting these goods is taken care of by someone else. Again, your company is saving time and money and focusing on other crucial areas of the business.

Expert advice

Because of our extensive understanding and practice in these markets as well as our team of dedicated professionals specialised in the different disciplines, we have a wealth of knowledge and advice that we would offer your company in instances such as:

  • When uncertain of what product best suites your need as well as your budget.
  • When in need of alternative solutions for a product or supplier, our solution is not to impress the supplier by giving them more business but to ensure that our client receives the best possible product at the best possible price through the best possible process.
  • When you need to link your business services or products to new and emerging African markets.

Benefits of Expert advice

  • We offer expert advice and solutions regarding trade finance as well as trade facilitation across borders through Import and export. This solution is especially helpful to SME’s and start up businesses that do not have the capital or assets or cannot access such capital from the bank to secure orders. We are affiliated with companies that are able to structure finance facilities to enable you to keep your business running
  • Inform and educate your company on new products and markets that we think would benefit your business. When a company transacts with us, they are entered into our database and have an option of joining our bespoke mailing list
  • Keeping you aware and informed of specials, new products and upgrades where product interest is shown. This enables our company to have a personalised service delivery as well as maintain reliable and trusted relationships