Market trends analysis is an important activity within the business that enables the company to drive towards our mission by continuously detecting the needs and challenges within the Energy sector then applying specialised people to these needs and effectively work out the best possible solution. We consult with both private and parastatal companies regarding wind, hydro, thermal, biogas and solar projects in Africa. Our team of specialised energy experts conduct due diligence in volatile and struggling markets to ensure project viability.

Greenfield projects requiring feasibility studies and environmental assessments can be a lengthy and daunting undertaking for stakeholders pursuing an energy project. We advise on the best possible strategies and route to pursue in the energy sector. Our highly responsive team of project managers and engineers have considerable experience in delivering turnkey renewable and non-renewable energy projects. This has involved extensive multi-disciplinary work including; Resource Assessment and Site Selection, Permitting, Financing, Bid Submissions, Construction, Operation and Decommissioning. Independent engineering services are essential to the renewable energy industry throughout all phases of the project lifecycle.