Mining is an industry of strategic importance on the African continent and the world at large. Within the SADC region alone, roughly half of the world’s vanadium, platinum, and diamonds originate from the region, along with 36% of gold and 20% of cobalt. The SADC region also boasts the continents combined major supplier of Copper. These minerals contribute greatly to the GDP of the SADC community and support the member’s mandates for employment creation. With a focus on mineral exports for their foreign exchange earnings (

At Tekela Investments Ltd, we understand the importance that this sector contributes to the SADC region in which the firm mainly operates. Understanding policy and strategic penetration guidelines is the core of our strength as we partner with our clients to deliver quality advice based on a global market and commodity analysis. We have worked with clients in this region to deliver various projects from supply of mining instrumentation parts and consumables to conveyor system automation and turn-key mining projects from inception to commissioning of operations of small to large mines.